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Marble, the marvellous stone which the nature had hidden between its layers for many years up until the mankind has discovered, has been used as a decorative and strong construction material since antique ages. Turkey, with its history of 4000 years, is one of the oldest marble processing countries amongst the marble processing countries in the World. It is also most leading countries with its quantity and richness of resources and its well-developed processing industry. As European, we adopted to serve our customers by fulfilling their requirements on international level and appropriate to the legal regulations and specifications as a principle.

European International Trade Sp. z.o.o. REG: 380 079 843 NIP: 749 210 1577
Poland Bank Polski – EURO 17 1020 3714 0000 4602 0370 7452
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Our Vision

As European our vision is to be the leader in the everyday developing market by adding maximum value to our customers and the society with innovative and creative mind, and by aiming different strategies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our customers with our innovative services and solution creative policy nationally and internationally, by creating solutions specific to their needs to win in their competitions, both during and after our services.

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